3M’s New High Performance Sanding System: Cubitron II 710w 150mm Sanding Discs

The amazing CUBITRON II 710W net sanding discs are brand new from 3M. These new abrasives are a breakthrough in sanding, providing faster cutting power and almost dust-free sanding. The abrasive has a 3M Precision-Shaped grain and a net backing that allows it to cut through a range of materials, including wood, metal, and plaster, at an industry-leading pace.

These discs are suitable for a wide range of stock removal applications and can be utilized on a variety of substrates, including metals, composites, gelcoat, and wood.

Sanding has been reinvented. The tradeoff between dust extraction and disc performance has been eliminated by 3M. 3M XtractTM CubitronTM II Net Disc 710W produces an industry-leading cut-rate while allowing for nearly dust-free sanding by combining iconic 3M Precision-Shaped Grain technology with a net backing. Ceramic 3M Precision-Shaped Grain breaks into sharp cutting edges on a continuous basis, providing twice the abrasive life and cut rate of leading rival net discs.

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Take advantage of 3M Xtract™ Cubitron™ II Net Disc 710W to gain a competitive edge in your industry — from metal fabrication and woodworking to aerospace, marine, rail and automotive OEM operations. Enabling a safer work environment.A cleaner work environment is a safer work environment. 3M Xtract™ Cubitron™ II Net Disc 710W extracts up to 97% of dust produced during sanding and creating a cleaner, virtually dust-free work environment. Plus, the 3M Precision-Shaped Grain in the disc cuts with less pressure required by the operator, making for more comfortable sanding.

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The secret behind CubitronTM II abrasives’ groundbreaking performance is Precision-Shaped Grain (PSG) Technology, which is the result of decades of scientific advancements in ceramic abrasive and microreplication technologies. These precision-shaped grains are uniformly sized triangular structures that are super-sharp and equally distributed on the backing, enabling them to slice through materials like butter rather than gouging or plowing like other abrasives.

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